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How long does it take to see results from Ultrasonic Cavitation?

Updated: Jan 19

Experts recommend performing about one to two sessions a week during the treatment.

In the quest for a sculpted and contoured physique, many turn to innovative treatments like Ultrasonic Cavitation. This non-invasive procedure promises to melt away stubborn fat deposits, but a common question lingers: How long does it take to see results from Ultrasonic Cavitation?

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Most candidates for this treatment see their final result within 6 to 12 weeks. On average, treatment requires 1 to 3 visits for visible results. Results of this treatment are permanent, as long as you maintain a healthy diet and exercise.

The Science Behind Ultrasonic Cavitation

Before delving into the timeline, it's essential to comprehend the science behind Ultrasonic Cavitation. This cutting-edge technology employs ultrasound waves to target and disrupt fat cells, turning them into a liquid form. The body then naturally eliminates these liquified fat cells through its lymphatic system.

Ultrasonic Cavitation: Fast Facts


Ultrasonic cavitation, or ultrasound cavitation, is a cosmetic procedure that’s used to break apart fat deposits in your body. The treatment claims to work as an effective, less invasive alternative to liposuction.


There are very few risks associated with this procedure, but that doesn’t mean that there are no side effects.

Bruising and pain are common short-term side effects, and some people have loose skin or dimples and waves in their skin after healing from this treatment.


Ultrasonic cavitation is advertised as being extremely convenient because recovery is minimal and side effects are rare.

The most time-consuming part of the process might be finding and consulting with a licensed, trained provider who has experience doing the treatment.


Ultrasonic cavitation is generally far less expensive than traditional liposuction. Costs vary according to the area you’re getting treated and whether you need repeated treatment sessions, but the average is around $250–$350 per treatment.


This treatment varies in effectiveness, and more clinical trials are needed to have a clear understanding of how well it works.

We do have some data from studies that support ultrasonic cavitation as a less invasive alternative to surgical liposuction.


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Targeted Areas for Ultrasonic Cavitation

Some studies suggest that this treatment is most effective at reducing fat in “fibrotic” places in your body, which include the back and chest area.

Ultrasonic cavitation is also frequently performed on the:

  • stomach

  • hips

  • face

  • neck

  • upper arms

  • thigh areas

Ultrasonic Cavitation Side Effects

Ultrasonic cavitation is considered a low-risk treatment for most people. Common side effects include:

  • redness

  • bruising

  • headache

In some cases, the skin won’t absorb the fat evenly after it breaks down. Lumps, bumps, and valleys on your skin can appear after ultrasonic cavitation treatment. These skin irregularities may be resolved by follow-up treatments.


What to expect after Ultrasonic Cavitation

After ultrasonic cavitation, you should be able to stand up and drive yourself home.

Pain and bruising are usually minimal. You’ll be instructed to hydrate as much as possible after the procedure to help your body flush the fatty cells through your lymphatic system.

But don’t expect to see results right away. Right after your appointment, your body might feel puffy or swollen. It takes time for your body to break down and dissolve the fat cells that have been dislodged.

You may also require repeated treatments to see visible results. Most candidates for this treatment see their final result within 6 to 12 weeks. On average, treatment requires 1 to 3 visits for visible results.

Results of this treatment are permanent, as long as you maintain a healthy diet and exercise. If you have a sedentary lifestyle, fat deposits may return to areas that have been treated.


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Preparing for Ultrasonic Cavitation

To prepare for your appointment, your provider will give you detailed instructions, which you should follow carefully.

Make sure that you disclose the following to your provider before your appointment:

  • any medical conditions you have

  • any herbal supplements you take

  • any medication that you’ve been prescribed

Avoid drinking alcohol for at least 48 hours before your appointment.

You may also be advised to avoid nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as ibuprofen, in the 2 weeks leading up to your procedure.

Drink plenty of water before and after your treatment so that your body can flush out fat deposits quickly.

Ultrasonic Cavitation vs. CoolSculpting

Ultrasonic cavitation is a form of noninvasive body contouring, as is the CoolSculpting treatment.

Both of these treatments have the same goal in mind: reducing fat and creating a slimmer silhouette.

Neither treatment is a weight loss treatment, and both procedures are safer and less invasive than liposuction.

Ultrasonic cavitation gets rid of fat cells by using ultrasound frequencies, while CoolSculpting works with your body’s natural response to cold temperatures to get rid of fat.

CoolSculpting treatment is generally more expensive than ultrasonic cavitation, and the time you spend in the doctor’s office getting the treatment is longer.


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Patience is Key: Early Changes

Patients often experience subtle changes early in their Ultrasonic Cavitation journey. As the ultrasound waves penetrate the adipose tissue, some notice a smoother skin texture and a reduction in the appearance of cellulite. These initial outcomes can be visible after just a few sessions.

Midway Milestones: Weeks into the Journey

Moving into the second phase of treatment, typically a few weeks in, more noticeable changes may emerge. Many individuals report a reduction in circumference and an improved contour in treated areas. Results vary, but a significant number of patients witness a more sculpted silhouette, especially when adhering to a healthy lifestyle.

Full Impact: Completing the Treatment Cycle

To fully appreciate the transformative power of Ultrasonic Cavitation, it's crucial to complete the recommended treatment cycle. This usually involves multiple sessions spaced out over weeks. By the end of the regimen, patients often marvel at the remarkable enhancement in body shape and the reduction of localized fat deposits.

Factors Influencing Results: Personalized Dynamics

Several factors influence how quickly Ultrasonic Cavitation results become apparent. Individual metabolism, lifestyle choices, hydration levels, and adherence to post-treatment care all play roles in shaping the timeline. It's essential to maintain realistic expectations and collaborate with professionals to optimize outcomes.

Post-Treatment Care: Maximizing and Maintaining Results

The journey doesn't end with the last Ultrasonic Cavitation session. Post-treatment care, including proper hydration, a balanced diet, and regular exercise, is paramount. These practices contribute to sustaining the achieved results and promoting overall well-being.


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Ultrasonic Cavitation at Home

There are ultrasonic cavitation devices that you can purchase for home use. These devices aren’t cheap, but they’re typically more affordable than in-office treatments.

The effectiveness of these devices varies. A device that can disburse 4.4–7.5 megahertz (MHz) of ultrasound for 20–50 minutes at a time may be comparable to a skin-tightening treatment you would get in a clinical setting.

Ultimately, it’s probably safe to try these products, but you may be wasting your money.

How to Find a Provider

A good provider will offer a consultation where they’ll discuss your treatment options and provide a portfolio of their work for you to look through.

Choosing a licensed, trained provider with experience in ultrasonic cavitation will make a significant difference in the way that your results look.

It’s also important for your safety to choose a provider who’s been certified in ultrasonic cavitation. You can begin your search for a certified provider using the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ search tool.

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